Low-Profile Carts


Only inches from the floor...

Are you still dragging cheap plastic totes full of heavy chips around the shop floor? Bending and pulling heavy loads is messy and hard. It can also injure your back.

CECOR Low-Profile Chip Carts stand only 15-1/2" from the floor and with a loading side of only 12 inches, easily fit under machine tool discharge. Heavy loads roll easily and can be dumped from a fork lift using the optional dumping frame.

  • Cart bottom is only 2-3/8" inches from the floor.
  • Cart can be easily manuevered by one person.
  • Small footprint allows placement in tight spaces.
  • Eliminates mess around machine tool.


Model Number


Lip Height

Load Rating


L43 Cart

4.9 cu.ft.

12 inches

1000 lbs.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

L44 Cart

6.9 cu.ft.

12 inches

1000 lbs.

Need a different size? Try these!

044 Series -9.6 cu.ft.capacity

X44 Series - 15.8 cu.ft. capacity

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